Volcom’s latest manifesto film to herald the new direction for the brand. There is a series of supporting videos being released once a month

SALT HORIZON - Episode 1 - Highlanders from Limited Edition on Vimeo.

Great tune and some amazing, shallow reefs. Empty line ups for the brave. Looks cold!

Samsung show their commitment and support for the ASP World Surfing Tour with this great advert.

Not all Go pro videos have to be about extreme sports and high speeds… This is a great short clip highlighting the plight of Polar bears and their rapidly changing environment.

Wow! This is an incredible little clip. Some of the under water shots are unreal and perfect music choice


KEEP ON PUSHIN’ der Kurzfilm von Ricki Bedenbaugh, der Skateboarder_Innen aus der Seele und aus dem Herzen spricht. Dieser Clip spielgelt die Liebe zum Skateboarding in eindrucksvoller Art und Weise wieder und bringt es auf den Punkt: „Skateboarding is not a hobby and it is not a sport. Skateboarding is a way of learning how to redefine the world around you.“ —Ian MacKaye

Needs to be full screen and HD. Some amazing shots

Slightly w*nky intro, but once you get to the surfing, it’s more than worth it. Hacking turns, floaty airs and deep barrels! Props Joan Duru

New Kriss Kyle edit. Doesn’t disappoint.

Rapha make damn good videos considering road riding isn’t the most exciting sport to look at for those who aren’t in the know. And for those who are…you know.