'Just goofing around' for these guys is still a million times better than most of us will ever hope to be.

Not one single cheese wedge kicker or heli drop… but f*ck me, these guys are stylish as hell! How can tripods look so good. And those monster laid out backside carves. Need to watch more than once….

Half an hour well spent, Full video from BSD, ‘Any Which Way’. The Scotland section is ridiculous! Sound track is also amazing!

Cornish swell

This never gets old. Fighting the urge to throw my computer out the window, sell my girlfriend for a downhill rig and move to Canada.

Sometimes the raw stuff is the best. No tunes or editing… just left as it happened

Loving the Go Pro footage from RedBull rampage. No idea how these guys stay on their line!!

He might have been paralysed doing what he loves, but it hasn’t stopped him enlisting some friends (Chris Akrigg and Danny MacAskill) to film an absolutely mind blowing edit. 

The fakie nose manual round a soaking wet, steep hairpin is incredible!

Kriss Kyle. Ridiculous skill

THIS is how you film, edit and ride to make an EPIC snowboard clip.